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Senior Counsel

JoAnne Heming



Phone: 403-934-5922

Email: [email protected]

JoAnne Heming

Joanne practices in the areas of family law, criminal, wills and estates, litigation, real estate, and corporate. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Joanne was a paralegal for approximately 30 years, giving her a vast knowledge in the running of a small town law firm.

Besides being an experienced lawyer in several areas of law, JoAnne is a compassionate individual whose vision is the cornerstone of Heming & Associates. She built up a full size law firm over the practice that Bruce Heming, her husband, started.  JoAnne was a strong believer that Strathmore had the potential to become a leading service center in the Wheatland area. In fact, Strathmore is a great market for legal services.

JoAnne’s interest in resolving people’s problems has been a constant personal trait. That is what encouraged her to pursue at first a psychology degree. Her ability to empathize with people encouraged her to ultimately become a lawyer. JoAnne understands that there is an emotional component in every matter she handles. She provides her legal advice always treating her clients with the utmost respect and in a way that is easy and clear to understand. Her interest in people has encouraged her to support several causes in Strathmore that promote inclusion, diversity, and education.

During the weekends, JoAnne spends her time with her grandkids. She also plays the guitar and enjoys listening foreign music.